Orders, Products and Shipping

What are the charges and can I get free shipping?

Free shipping for any orders over $500 within Australia. All other orders have stated shipping calculations on checkout before you purchase.  The charge for shipping one CD within Australia is AUD $2.50 for 4 CD’s AUD $9.00.  For enquiries on other shipping charges please email me on fvangessel@optusnet.com.au

The CD’s or DVD’s will be securely wrapped and packed and couriered by mail to the address nominated.  If any defects are found with the product, please return the product with a note describing the defect and you will receive a replacement copy free of shipping cost.

Can I transfer your sounds to computer hard disk myself, or have it done for me?

Yes, provided that you own the products that you want to transfer. If you decide to sell your hard drive at a later date, however, ALL audio files MUST be removed from the disc before you transfer ownership. You are not authorised to sell copied versions of our audio files under any circumstances – this practice is an infringement of the copyright.

Can I copy the bird/wildlife sounds on to my computer hard drive in order to create a production?

Yes. The synchronisation license that you obtain with your purchase of royalty free sounds and music allows you to copy the files on to your computer hard drive for the purposes of creating audio and/or visual productions or applications. This means that if, for example, you decide to sell a computer hard drive that has copyrighted audio content copied on to it, you must delete that content before the hard drive is delivered to its new owner.

Can I make a back up copy of my CDs?

No. You are not permitted to make additional backup copies of CDs or their contents under any circumstance.

How can I pay for orders made on your website?

Acceptance of the online orders: by Paypal, by cheque, bank cheque or money order. All sales on this Web site are to be made in Australian dollars AUD$$.

Can I buy a single CD?

Yes – the products generally come as complete sets – however, if you require a single CD from a set, that can also be arranged.  There are products available which are comprised of one or two CDs only.

How much is the cost of a CD in wav/MP3 format?

Within Australia, the cost of each CD is AUD$20.00 plus packing and postage of $2.50 and AUD $89 for 4 CD’s inclusive postage, any additional CD’s will incur additional charges.

Overseas customers need to add the cost of shipping and any additional bank charges that may be incurred.

Details: fvangessel@optusnet.com.au

Do you sell European or international bird sounds?

Yes – there is a selection of international bird sounds available on request. Where single calls are requested by the customer, a charge of $2 applies for one minute of sound. This also applies to the Australian Bird Sounds.

Details: fvangessel@optusnet.com.au

Do you sell “computer ready”, wav, or MP3 audio files?

Yes. Refer to checklist for availability of Australian bird species.

When ordering please stipulate which format you require.